From the makers of Poli sausage


Design with feeling

The shape of the flat surface of the protector visually resembles a Poli sausage and its curved surface follows the shiny casing of the Poli sausage. The smooth inner surface makes it possible for the protector to gently yet thoroughly fit on the Poli and so keep it fresh.

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Functional perfection

The mystery of the protector’s functionality lies in a well thought out tiny hole on the flat surface of the protector. This tiny hole prevents the vacuum effect and so protects the sausage while being kept in the refrigerator.

poli protektor pokrovcek
poli protektor tekstEN

User friendly

The protector is incredibly easy to use because its shape follows the shape of the most popular chicken sausage in detail. The smooth inner surface allows the protector to be put on and cleaned easily. The protector is dishwasher safe.

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Environmentally friendly

The protector is made of certified food contact material with a single thought – always fresh Poli. The Poli protector and the cardboard box used for packaging are recyclable.

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Where to get it

The Poli protector is available in Perutnina Ptuj retail stores in Slovenia where you will encounter a special offer and get it free of charge if you buy a 500 g Poli and a Poli product of your choice. It is also available at promotions in shopping centres.

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