Poli museum

If Britney Spears published her autobiography at 18 years old, then Poli in its forties definitely deserves a museum. After all, so much has happened in these wild forty years that it’s about time to collect all the madness in one place. Enjoy the trip down memory lane and remember: this is just the beginning. To many more mad years!


Naturally, Poli divides history into time before Poli (B. P.), and after Poli (A. P). Given that the time before Poli is already very, very far away, it should suffice to say that it goes as far back as the year 1905, when Valentin Reinhard opened a buying station for poultry near Deutschlandsberg, in Ptuj, thus beginning the story of Perutnina Ptuj.



Of utmost importance and especially noteworthy is the year 1974, when Perutnina Ptuj created the first ever chicken sausage no. 1. Since its birth up until today, Poli has been demonstrating consistency in standards that are the result of top quality and impeccable manufacturing processes. For 40 years. Therefore remaining the one and only.


Poli was born

01 1

In addition to Professor Ernő Rubik’s invention of the Rubik's Cube, the ‘70s were also marked by another important event – the first and only parboiled chicken special sausage named Poli was born in Perutnina Ptuj. As soon as it was born, the proud parents Matilda Lovrenčič and Dr Ciril Varga knew that a bright future lay ahead for Poli.

Special from birth

02 1

What can we say about Poli? It was the first chicken special sausage on the market, a real avant-garde with an original recipe and superior quality. And it was the first sausage that overshadowed the sandwich. It was the first to enter politics. It became the first sausage in the form of paté. But why go on! There is only one Poli. And so it shall remain.


Is it snack time yet?

03 1

Customers were a bit suspicious initially, but later on quickly convinced by the perfectly prepared high-quality products. A school or company trip could no longer be imagined without a Poli sandwich.


Always in good company

04 1

Poli was never a loner and has always enjoyed good company. It was often seen with Pika and Koka; however, it is needless to say who had the last word.


Welcome, Vegetable Poli

Because we are always willing to try to offer something new, we’ve combined the classic Poli with just the right amount of bellpeppers, cucumbers and ... well, we won’t share everything. And that is how Vegetable Poli was created.

vrtnine poli EN


Poli goes abroad


Poli packed its bags and headed to the world. Italy was the first destination. Soon, Poli became a true traveller and a popular guest in a number of nearby and more distant countries. People are mad about Poli all the way from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean.


Poli is the longest!


Meet Poli the Giant! The first 4-meter special sausage that fascinated visitors to the Fair Of Agriculture And Food in Gornja Radgona.


POLIceman, POLItician and POLYgamist

»While eating, people don’t think about committing crimes! You can trust him; he has been full of it for 25 years, which is why he knows a good sandwich when he sees one! You never get sick of true love! Poli knows all about humour. Because Poli is open-minded and free-spirited. Do you still remember the POLIceman, POLItician and POLYgamist?

Poli is lighter


Poli Light doesn’t feel lighter in the shopping bag, nevertheless it contains 30% less fat and is thus intended for all those who care about a light and healthy diet. It represents an answer in times when the need for a light and healthy diet is becoming more and more prominent.


Not everything starting with the letter P is Poli!

Attention, fakes of the best chicken sausage have already emerged in the Bosnian market! Who knows if they plan on crossing the border. There is only one Poli! So carefully inspect the packaging before buying it and choose the original Poli from Perutnina Ptuj.



Poli is jumping from a plane


Poli is the most popular chicken sausage in Europe. Therefore, some would do anything for it. That includes jumping from an airplane. Without a parachute! Another proof of how special Poli really is, because it easily makes you forget all fears.


We love to grab a Poli sandwich during the commercial break. What about you?

With cheese, please!

In those familiar moments, when you’re trying to enrich your sandwich with some cheese and find out at the last moment that you ran out of it, choose Cheese Poli! It’s a Poli with tasty processed cheese added. Because you want more.

sir poli EN

Poli competes in a marathon


Because life is too short to miss out on it, we were turning the pedals on the first Poli Marathon in Ptuj. On that rainy day, 1000 participants attended the event, but the number has risen to over 5000 cyclists over the next couple of years. Since Poli is an undisputed nr. 1 among special sausages, the Poli Marathon also quickly became the no. 1 recreational cycling event in Slovenia.


Poli in a 100 ways

Perutnina Ptuj celebrates its 100 years and Poli, of course, joins the celebrations. Because Poli is simply the best, it represents one of the most important ingredients in every cuisine, whether it’s French, Chinese, Bosnian or your own. We asked you about your ways of preparing Poli.


Popular from birth


Ever since the ‘70s, Poli stands out as the most popular parboiled chicken special sausage with consumers of all ages. It’s especially loved among children. With or without bread. But always with the greatest pleasure.

Fly to POLYnesia

Since Poli likes to surprise and immensely enjoys being different, it invites you to POLYnesia, the dreamland where Poli grows on palm trees. All you have to do is count the number of times the Poli sign appears in the Poli TV ad. A tip? If you add up all the fingers, it is not enough, but if you add five more, it becomes too many.


Mad about Poli!


We're all a bit mad. Mad about Poli! Forever young, fun and ambitious, forever special. Poli is a sausage with a mission to fill every day and every fridge with freshness, imagination and humour.

From now on, also sliced

We found the perfect solution for all those who are mad about Poli and want it to just jump into their sandwich. For those who prefer pre-cut deli or simply do not have the time, will and enough skills to struggle with slicing it on their own. 12 practically packed Poli slices for a quick snack anywhere.

Original chicken special

Attention, there is only one Poli, don’t fall for fakes! If you are buying a copy, expect the taste of copies. Our advice? Rather buy the original.


We have employed an elephant

And so Poli paté was born. For all who like spreading on bread, like paté, and would enjoy Poli in the form of paté. Poli likes to be different and change shapes, but it swears by content and therefore even as a paté remains the typical Poli. In innovative packaging.

Poli is always up for fun

Since Poly likes seizing every opportunity to have mad fun, it has been inviting children to the Poli masquerade Halloween party ever since the year 2009.


Poli is always ready to joke around

On April Fool's Day, Perutnina Ptuj announced the plan to begin constructing a 135-meter tower in Prujsko polje, thus commemorating the 35th anniversary of Poli production. Poli Tower, signed by the Dutch architect Koon van Leeuwen, would have the highest viewing platform, a museum and a restaurant. And it was all true. Apart from the tower.


Poli likes to dress up

poli EN

Poli likes to be in step with fashion. That is the reason why we’ve gotten to know her in many styles. The latest beauty makeover took place in 2009. Regardless of whether you share its taste for fashion, please be assured that its content remains unchanged from the very beginning.


Enjoy it nice and easy

Poly is always full of good ideas. That is why we present you with Poli snack, a practical version of Poli for the new era and a new generation. For all who prefer it in the form of a classic sandwich, and for those who want to enjoy Poli in new ways. Not sure how to address the sausage? Don’t worry, just follow the instructions for use.


Are you already familiar with the benefits of taking the bus? You can meet new people on a bus, read a book, eat a Poli sandwich and enjoy the view along with knowing that you are doing something good for the environment. Let's go, Poli is waiting!



Nr. 1 in Europe

Have you ever wondered how to break the sound barrier with a bike? Or jump off 25 meters and land 60 cm deep? Unfortunately, we were not able to record these historical records because we were distracted by Poli. How did Poli manage to do that? Simply. By being the number 1 chicken sausage in Europe.


Poli is Fresh


Aluminum foil? Plastic container? How do you take care of your Poli? In order to keep Poli fresh and beautiful for an even longer time, we present you with a neat silicone cover that you can use again and again... Until you run out of Poli.

For even more special holidays

Poli decided to get especially stylish for the holiday by selecting a black formal dress for Christmas. Since the responses were very positive, the decision has been made to also dress up for the carnival celebration and Easter.



Everything is better with Poli

18 EN

Nobody likes bad news. Especially not Poli. Would you like a sandwich instead? Because Poli doesn’t only make the sandwich better, it makes everything better.


Happy Poli Year

27 EN

The Polinjera – exclusive festive packaging for the most special of chicken sausages. Poli finds a reason to celebrate every day. In 2014, it doesn’t even have to look for reasons.

Tuesday Poli Madness

To mark its 40th anniversary (40!), our timeless Poli enjoyed not just one, but forty insane Tuesday celebrations!

muzej si

Poli embarked on this adventure together with its fans, who were April-fooled into thinking that Poli was moving to China before taking part in the cycling marathon; they even went zip lining together at an adventure park. On its anniversary, Poli took the opportunity to celebrate its anniversary with Poli burgers and Poli sandwiches for the night-shift workers and for people on the move. Poli not only made sure that the music was nostalgic and fitting for birthday celebrations, with the tunes played dating back to the time when Poli was created, they also joined forces with chilli for the colder months of the year. Imagine the celebrations that are in store for Poli’s Golden Jubilee! ;)


Poli frankfurters

You can tell her anything.

But do not tell her a hot dog.

It's Poli!

Watch video.

SetSize240240 Poli hrenovka simulacija 640x480

It is made of 90% of the best quality chicken meat, gently smoked and carefully seasoned. Although you cook or bake it, it's still 100% Poli.

This Poli product was big hit among Poli consumer so it was normal that Poli family receive two new Poli stars: Poli mini frankfurters and Poli Cocktail.

Shortly after Polidog was born! The best hot dog in region!


Poli hrenovka mini simulacijaPoli Koktajlke julij