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Luka Dončić, Tadej Toš and Enis Bešlagić in the Poli hammy campaign

Many generations grew up enjoying Poli. The brand’s extraordinary quality is why it is still popular after 44 years. And the brand dares to go even further. That is why Poli now proudly presents its supreme Poli hammy poultry ham.

Basketball star Luka Dončić and actors Tadej Toš and Enis Bešlagić—familiar faces from the worlds of sport and entertainment—are participating in the new campaign for the iconic Poli brand by Perutnina Ptuj. With its latest Poli hammy product, which can be found in stores from the end of October, Poli is entering a new category of hams and ham sausages.

Poli hammy was developed with respect for consumers’ needs and expectations

Before placing the product on the market, Perutnina Ptuj surveyed consumers in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, to test the idea of Poli’s expansion, including its concept, the product, and its name, to a new category of hams and ham sausages.

Over 2000 participants in the survey conducted by Valicon perceive the Poli brand as a strongly positive No. 1 brand, closely linked to innovations, changes, and novelties. The launch of the new Poli chicken ham, called Poli hammy, didn’t therefore come as a surprise and it has already enjoyed a positive response.


Only for big boys and girls... POLI HAMMY. The new chicken ham.

We all crave light and delicious food that can be prepared fast and in a number of ways, added to versatile dishes, and served with many accompaniments. The new Poli hammy chicken ham is the perfect solution.


Contains an amazing 90% of chicken meat

Poli hammy is carefully prepared from quality chicken meat. It tastes juicy and soft and is attractive with its pleasant light-pink colour, its ham-like texture, and a mild aroma. It comes sliced, in various sizes and packaging options.

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