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Poli ambassador – Luka Dončić

How to find a brilliant Poli ambassador who embodies excellence? How to find the best, the unrivalled, second-to-none champion! A star.

Must be someone like Poli.

Original, youthful, witty, ambitious. Popular and recognizable. Of superb quality. 

Joining stars and basketball virtuoso Luka Donćič Poli made it! United in cooperation, Poli and Luka, announce a breakthrough into the American market and a development of new products. If Poli has been the golden TOP brand already now, it is entering an era of stardom with Luka Dončić . And although hard to imagine in all its outstanding excellence, it will get even better!

“Poli has a special place in Perutnina Ptuj. We firmly believe cooperation with Luka Dončić will significantly contribute to further strenghtening the visibility, popularity and market position of our core brand. Following our strategy of expanding to international markets and developing new products, we are planning to enter the US market with our Poli brand", said Tibor Šimonka, President of the Management Board of Perutnina Ptuj, at today's official signing of the contract with Luka Dončić.

Top-class sport and balanced nutrition are closely linked. On this occasion, Luka Dončić pointed out that he has been a Poli admirer from his childhood years on, as well as chicken meat from Perutnina Ptuj is regularly on his menu, which his mother mostly takes care of. Luka Dončić believes cooperation with Perutnina Ptuj can help boost domestic economy.

We are all looking forward to admiring him in his new role of Poli ambassador already this autumn.

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