Poli marathon 2020

Poli marathon IS happening! On 20th June.

This is our 18th Poli marathon and it will be a little bit different from usual. Because of the current situation, we have to socialise virtually.



How do you take part in the 18th Poli marathon?

On Saturday, 20th June, you must complete at least 18 km on your bicycle until 18.00 o'clock for the 18 years of Poli marathon.

You take a route close to your home (you choose it yourself). 

Collective virtual start will take place at 11.00, like on every Poli marathon. President of the Cycling club Perutnina Ptuj will announce the start of the pleasant Saturday ride with a shot in the air.

During the whole day, there will be a social program taking place on LIVE FACEBOOK EVENT POLI MARATON 2020.


How will you prove your participation?

You take a route close to your home (you choose it yourself). You must share a screenshot from one of your "tracking apps" on your Facebook profile with a hashtag #polimaraton, to prove you have completed at least 18 km. If you will not be using any tracking apps, you must share a photo of your meter and a selfie from your route with a hashtag



The first 1000 cyclers, that share their screenshots and photos of their route, will receive an additional Poli gift: a cycling shirt .



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