POli sendvic

Who is Poli

Poli is consistent.

in its quality. It comes from nature that is still green, while the production processes have been superior and undisputed for over thirty years – more precisely, since 1974, when it appeared on the market as the first parboiled chicken special.

Although its packaging, identity and brand name foundation have been revampedover the past years, its inside remained unchanged from the very beginning.

It has spawned several varieties, so in addition to the basic Poli the Vegetable Polithe Cheese PoliPoli lightSliced PoliSliced Poli lightPoli Snack and novelty Poli Pate also appeared on the market. More news soon ... It is also consistent, constant and of superior quality in communicating with target groups.

Is Poli mad?

No, Poli is not mad. It is extremely intelligent, shrewd, thoughtful and acute. Poli is smart. Since it is all that, we are the ones who are mad.

Mad about it, obviously.

Poli is international.

Poli reaches far beyond Slovenia's boundaries. Indeed, Slovenia is its mainstay, its stepping stone and the foundation of its quality. But Poli has incited a mania from Scandinavia all the way to the Mediterranean. It is not only at home that it is the leader.

Poli has a growing number of fans in Croatia. Primarily among younger consumers, it is also popular in Bosnia and Herzegovina, while the older generation increasingly swears by it as well. Its taste and quality have proved irresistible in Serbia too.

People in other European countries have also got to know it as something that is different. And are becoming increasingly mad about it.

We are presenting it elsewhere around the world – always with greater penetration and greater success.

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