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12th Poli Marathon – video coverage

For all generations

Another perfect performance of the Poli Marathon is now behind us and we are full of good impressions. More than 4,000 cyclists enjoyed the sunny weather in Ptuj and tested their abilities in three tracks with different level s of difficulty. While the adults were pedaling, the kids were enjoying the lively children’s entertainment. There were more than enough culinary delights to leave no one with an empty stomach.

11th Poli Marathon

Enjoying a bike ride

More than 5,000 participants gathered in Ptuj on 15 June 2013, and pedalled in the largest recreational cycling event in Slovenia. Cyclists enjoyed the wonderfully prepared routes and, as is customary, revelled in the 50 kilometre or 22 kilometre turning of pedals. For the youngest we prepared a Poli snack route – a circular path along the colourful streets of Ptuj.

10th Poli Marathon

A holiday for all young, and young at heart

We gathered on a hot and beautiful sunny day on 16 June 2012 at the airport in Moškanjci near Ptuj. More than 5,700 good spirited participants full of energy of all ages ventured on one of three cycling routes. As up until now, also the youngest were taken care of with a number of animation programmes. A tasty lunch awaited the cyclists at the event location upon completing the marathon, which turned into a pleasant picnic in nature.

9th Poli Marathon

A good mood and great feeling

At the 9th Poli Marathon, 5,200 cyclists gathered on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning, which took care of a real cycling holiday. The award for the team for the highest number of members was again the group of cyclists from Talum, them being 700 in total. The participation of young cyclists was also excellent, as they cycled the course themselves and at the same time, learned about road safety. Without doubt a good feel and a happy atmosphere were indispensable companions to this Poli Marathon.

8th Poli Marathon

A year of superlatives

At the 8th Poli Marathon, 5,200 cyclists rode through to the finish, among them the youngest male cyclist, Anej Brus, three years of age and the youngest female cyclist, Neža Hren, one year of age. Respect went out also to the oldest female cyclist, Nežka Medved, 82 years of age and the oldest male cyclist Janez Horvat, 91 years of age. The largest team was again Talum Kidričevo with 745 cyclists. The family with the largest number of participants was the Šalamun family with thirteen, while the family with the second largest number was the Gaiser with seven, with third place going to the Travnikar family with six members.

7th Poli Marathon

Kilometres of pleasure

The 7th Poli Maraton was unfortunately marked by changeable weather. Despite this, we were convinced that the bad weather was the only reason for the fall in number of cyclists, as every year before the Poli Marathon had seen a rise in numbers. 4,500 recreational cyclists, which abide by a healthy way of life pedalled in the 7th Poli Marathon.

6th Poli Marathon

Cycling with taste

A friendly sunny Saturday for the 6th Poli Marathon invited more cyclists than previous years. Despite the mini (30 km) and maxi (55 km) Poli Marathons, we also prepared a light Poli Marathon (18 km) and so to the event invited a number of families with children of all ages. »Old timer« cyclists from the cycling club DIMEK also pedalled their way along the course through local villages. The event was also enhanced by the music of Atomik Harmonik, which entertained participants in the event area. Master chefs of the Perutnina Ptuj catering company took care of gastronomic pleasures.

5th Poli Marathon

Fun and fit with your bike

Although the day before also rained and the weather was not so friendly to cyclists, the morning of the 5th Poli Marathon in the sun, smiled on all participants. Temperatures on the thermometer however did not rise as in previous years, but the atmosphere was warmed by all lovers of cycling, which in terms of numbers, created a new record. The visible crowd amounted to 6,400 cyclists, which participated in the mini and maxi routes of the largest recreational cycling event in Slovenia.

4th Poli Marathon

On your bike to enjoy the moment, day or your life

The Poli Maraton in its fourth year overtook the record number of participants from 2005. With 6,200 cyclists – female and male of all ages and from all corners of Slovenia, the 4th Poli Marathon on 9 September 2006 confirmed its status as the largest recreational cycling event in Slovenia. The youngest participant of the marathon was hardly one year of age, while the oldest was a »young« 87 years of age. With a wonderful record, we were also surprised by the team from the company Talum, which amounted to 500 cyclists.

3rd Poli Marathon

Because life is too short to miss it

A sunny day and good spirits in Moškanjci near Ptuju on 3 September 2005 brought together almost 6,000 cycling enthusiasts, which with their participating ensured, that the Poli Marathon had grown into the largest recreational cycling event in Slovenia. Besides pushing pedals and good fun, the 3rd Poli Marathon remains in our minds also due to the historical moment, when participants created a live picture in the form of the number one hundred. This was intended for the celebration of the 100 years of working and good tastes of Perutnina Ptuj.

2nd Poli Marathon

Because we love life

Neither sex nor age played any role in deciding to pedal in the 2nd Poli Marathon. On 11 September 2004, in beautiful weather, over 2,800 lovers of cycling gathered at the start and pedalled along the Mini and Maxi cycling routes of the Poli Marathon. Of prime importance was again recreation, healthy food, being well informed and optimism for life. For the latter, there was no lack of participants.

1st Poli Marathon

Because Ptuj is the cradle of cycling

The idea of a large-scale recreational cycling event matured and was first organised in September 2003. The intention of the first Poli Marathon was to encourage all people, young and old, that with recreational cycling one can strengthen one's attitude to sport as well as contribute to the maintaining of one's physical and mental health. Despite rainy weather, over 1,000 female and male cyclists that were prepared to cycle towards new adventures, pedalled along the cycling routes.